CAD Design

Our mechanical design engineers use the latest software to deliver accurate 3D part and assembly models. These are then produced in 2D drawings. Every drawing that we are going to manufacture is looked over by our team to make sure everything is accurate and everything is complete for the fabrication stage.

We are capable of accepting most file formats for our CAD design alowing us to work form customer drawings.


Hivac boasts an extensive C.N.C machine shop with 3 and 4 axis machining. We can achieve high tolerance milling and turning. With the capability to turn up to 1.4 meter diameters and milling up to a 2m × 3m envelope.


We specialise in vacuum welding techniques, with automatic vertical and horizontal welding set ups. As well as this we also use TIG welding or full penetration external techniques.


FARO inspection arms are used throughout the company. These high precision measuring instruments are extremely accurate and highly portable. This means the instrument can be taken to a machine to check a component throughout the entire fabrication.

Leak Detection

All vacuum components are thoroughly tested on our leak detectors. Metal or Viton seals can be tested at the customer's specification. As a final test the components are bagged in helium and leak tested.

UHV Cleaning

All vacuum components are processed through our cleaning facility. Ultra sonic tanks which can handle up to 1m3 are used. All water used is de-ionised. Welds can be cleaned with 12 volt weld cleaners. This eliminates the need for use of any toxic chemicals throughout the cleaning process. All our products are UHV clean.

Bake Out

We have a purpose built bake out oven 3.4 by 1.5 meters. It features a; 300 L/S scroll baking pump, MKS RGA 200 AMU, 450 L/S ion pump and is fully programmable up to 300oc for metal seals and 150oc for Viton seals.

Clean Assembly

Our experienced vacuum engineers are able to build assemblies in clean room conditions. These assemblies can be tested on site.